Our Product

  • Easy to install with only 4 small screws.
  • Flawless design structure that will prevent any deformation.
  • Fashioned to fit any interior.
  • Practical design of hinges gives 100% use of open space.
  • The unique style of handle and lock system looks sleek but allows easy access.
  • Easy match with “Décora” electrical plates, due to ABS plastic.

On behalf of IVM Home Style Ltd. I am very excited to introduce you to EASY-EXS plastic access doors which are patented in Canada and the USA by our company. Our product has annual sales of over 80,000+ units in Home Depot, Rona and Lowe’s in Canada. We are interested in expanding our market and can offer special pricing to your company

Benefits of Easy-Exs Vs Competition

Please take a look at our video to see what benefits Easy-Exs
plastic doors have against popular competitors in the same niche

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